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Products nominated advanced through a series of voting rounds. Products receiving the highest number of votes during each voting period advanced rounds of Top 75, Top 20, Final 5 and finally the winner. The number of votes are reset at the beginning of each round. A voter may vote once per day. Click here for a complete list of rules and deadlines!

Take a look at all the amazing products that were nominated in the 2019 Coolest Thing Made In Utah Contest below!


The 2020 Coolest Thing Made In Utah Contest will begin March 2020!

  • Nominations March 1st - 7th, 2020
  • Round 1 Voting March 10th - March 12th
  • Top 75 Announced March 13th
  • Round 2 Voting March 14th - March 16th
  • Top 20 Announced March 17th
  • Round 3 Voting March 18th - March 20th
  • Final 5 Announced March 21st
  • Final Round Voting March 22nd - March 25
  • Winner Announced on March 25th

(Products advanced based on vote count during each voting period)

Contest Ended

Downhole Pressure and Temperature recorder for Oil and Gas rated to 30,000 psi and 392 F.

RIK – Reading Incentive Kit

Rock-Slide Engineering Step-Slider

Shelly Jo Hypno Aminos Nutrition Supplements

Protective Coatings for the Coolest Structures in the World

Snow Logic’s snow making system

The Speedhut ShiftLight Tachometer

Stadler Rail Passenger Trains.

AeroCreeper Adjustable-height creeper

787 Horizontal Stabilizer Assembly

Titan Ring Designs SECTOR RING

Titan Ring Designs TRITANIUM RING

TC Nexus – Mechanical Titanium Tie Clip

Generation Series Infrared Table Grills

Frosted Sugar Cookies with Swirled (two flavor) Frosting

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